Trumpy Tim Ramthun


Trumpy Tim Ramthun loves Donald Trump – so much so that he hasn’t stopped trying to overturn the 2020 election and give the former president a second term. More than a year after the election and after multiple investigations have confirmed Wisconsin’s results were fair and accurate, Trumpy Tim is still fighting to overturn the will of the people.

Trumpy Tim has made it clear he will do and say anything to secure Trump’s support and appease his extreme followers. 

Ramthun’s affection for Trump is apparently mutual:

Ramthun to Trump: “If one state does this, I think others will follow” 

“You’re my kind of guy,” Trump replied

[Rolling Stone, 2/6/2022]

Great job, Rep. Ramthun! Even the Democrats and RINOs cannot object to all the evidence that has been exposed!” – Donald Trump

[Trump Statement, 11/18/2021] 

Even disgraced pillow salesman Mike Lindell can’t resist supporting Trumpy Tim:

He’s going to win — 100%. It’s not even going to be close . . . We’re going to get rid of the (voting) machines. In Wisconsin, and nationwide, we’re going county by county.” 

[Mike Lindell]

One thing’s clear: Trumpy Tim is derailing Rebecca Kleefisch and Kevin Nicholson’s hopes of winning the Republican nomination and pulling every Wisconsin Republican further to the extremes. 

It’s hard to keep up with all of the wild beliefs Trumpy Tim has, so we’ve compiled some of his greatest hits. Keep reading below to see just how Trumpy he is.

Election Conspiracist

Wisconsin doesn’t have a shortage of election deniers, conspiracy theorists, and elected officials generally intent on dismantling our democracy. But Trumpy Tim is one of the worst offenders, stopping at nothing to try to hand the presidency back to Donald Trump.

Trumpy Tim Wants To Rescind Wisconsin’s Electoral Votes. Still. In January 2022 (yes, more than a year after President Biden took office), Ramthun was still claiming Wisconsin’s electoral votes could be rescinded, telling Steve Bannon, “Yes, Wisconsin and its Legislature has the right to reclaim its ten electors. The mechanism is the resolution, and here’s the legal proof.”  [Real America’s Voice, 1/27/22]

Donald Trump Congratulated Ramthun on His Efforts to Overturn the Election: “Congratulations to Tim Ramthun, State Representative of Wisconsin, for putting forward a powerful and very popular, because it’s true, resolution to decertify the 2020 Presidential Election in Wisconsin based on the recently found absolute proof of large scale voter fraud that took place.” [Trump Statement]

Trumpy Tim Alleged a Bribery Scheme Changed 2020 Election Results: Offering absolutely no proof, Ramthun claimed, “We had bribery going on to manipulate the outcome of the vote to get an action that certain actors wanted.” [Facebook, 12/18/2021]

Despite Multiple Investigations Showing Otherwise, Ramthun Doesn’t Believe 2020 Results: Trumpy Tim has argued there was “voting system data riddled with multitudes of irregularities” and that “layers of malfeasance, layers of illegality” occurred in the election. [Facebook, 12/18/2021]

It’s Not Just 2020, Trumpy Tim Says Prior Elections Were Rigged Too: Ramthun told Steve Bannon, “And we’re gonna find that things have been nefarious for more than just 2020, sir.” [Real America’s Voice, 1/27/2022]

Ramthun Even Thinks Intelligence Agencies Are in on the Conspiracy: HOST: “So you, are you saying you agree with my analysis and assumptions based on some hard evidence that this smells an awful lot like a color revolution carried out by the intel community?” RAMTHUN: “Well you said it, I won’t disagree with you, it’s broad scoped.” [Lindell TV, 1/21/2022]

Trumpy Tim Wants a Constitutional Crisis and “1776 All Over Again”

Following in Donald Trump’s footsteps, Ramthun relishes the idea of chaos and looks forward to dividing our country even further.

“I’d like to see a constitutional crisis because what happened in November should not have happened.”

[Real America’s Voice, 1/27/22]

“I’ve got factual data* in front of me that’s gonna make historic difference for our republic and it’s gonna save it… this is 1776 all over again, ladies and gentlemen.”

[Real America’s Voice, 1/27/22]  

*Trumpy Tim does not have facts or data, but we do.

QAnon Follower Trumpy Tim

Like his idol, Trumpy Tim has embraced rhetoric frequently used by fringe conspiracy groups, like QAnon. 

“Ramthun titled his video ‘The Calm Before the Storm’ — a phrase frequently used by QAnon, a baseless conspiracy theory that contends the government is controlled by a cabal of Satanist pedophiles.

“QAnon believers have repeatedly falsely claimed that former President Donald Trump will be reinstated in the White House even though dozens of courts have upheld President Joe Biden’s victory, including in Wisconsin.”

[Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/3/2021]

Trumpy Tim’s Not Alone…

Rebecca Kleefisch and Kevin Nicholson are also racing to appease the most extreme factions of the GOP. Just look at some of their outrageous statements:

Rebecca Kleefisch

Kleefisch has called for building an “army” of “paid fighters” and “mercenaries,” as well as asking supporters if they were ready to have their “knives out.” She also suggested abolishing the nonpartisan election commission to give voters “one throat to choke.” Learn more about her divisive and radical agenda here.

Kevin Nicholson

Nicholson’s dangerous agenda that would insert government in some of the most personal health care decisions Wisconsinites make. His dangerous views on reproductive care could even jeopardize birth control and fertility treatments. Learn more about Anti-Choice Kevin Nicholson here:

Trumpy Tim Ramthun acts like a joke, but the threats to democracy posed by him and Wisconsin Republicans are real. Here are the facts on the 2020 election results:

  • Multiple recounts, court cases, audits, and even an investigation by Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security have confirmed that the 2020 election was “safe and secure.”

  • Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security declared the 2020 election was the “most secure in American history.” [PolitiFact, 11/17/2020]

  • On November 30, 2020, a recount of the election results requested by the Trump campaign reaffirmed that Biden won Wisconsin. [AP, 11/30/2020]

  • On October 21, 2021, the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau — which serves the Legislature that Trumpy Tim is a member of — released an audit that “did not did not identify any widespread fraud in the battleground state, which a key Republican legislative leader said shows its elections are “safe and secure.” [AP, 10/22/2021]